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Thomas Aquinas is widely regarded as one of the greatest Catholic theologians. Thomas was a student in the 13th century, studying in Cologne where he rarely opened his mouth earning him the nickname “the Dumb Ox.” His teacher was Albert the Great, who realized his great capabilities. He went on to receive his doctorate in Paris and in 1266 began his masterpiece, the Summa Theologiae. Here, Thomas combined the philosophy of Aristotle and the theology of the Christian faith. The project was never finished. During Mass one day he had a mystical experience that caused him to cease writing. When asked what happened, he replied, “All that I have written seems to me like so much straw compared to what have seen and what was revealed to me.” He died three months later on March 7, 1274 at the age of forty nine. His feast day is January 28.
Source: Blessed Among Us

Here are several quotes from St. Thomas Aquinas:

“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.”

“Wonder is the desire of knowledge.”

“The things that we love tell us what we are.”

“I would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it. I would hope to act with compassion without thinking of personal gain.”

“We can’t have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves.”
— Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas handwriting. Looks a little messy...

Thomas Aquinas handwriting. Looks a little messy…

Ask Anything – Poem by St. Thomas

‘Ask anything.’

My Lord said to me.

And my mind and heart thought deeply

for a second,

then replied with just one word,


God’s arms then opened up and I entered Myself.

I entered myself when I entered


And having learned compassion

I allowed my soul

to stay.

From ‘Love Poems From God‘ by Daniel Ladinsky.

Favorite Authors of St. Thomas
Citations found in Secunda pars in the Summa Theologiae.

Augustine 1,630
Aristotle 1,546
Gregory the Great 439
Dionysius 202
Cicero 187
Jerome 178
John Damascene 168
Ambrose 151
Isidore of Seville 120
Roman Law 102
Gregory of Nyssa (actually Nemesius of Ephesus) 41
Macrobius 33
Boethius 30
Prosper of Aquitaine 19
Benedict 18
Basil 13
Plato 12
Hilary of Poiteiers 12
Bernard 9
Caesar 8
Ptolemy 1
Thanks to Canterbury Tales blog by Dr. Taylor Marshall.

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